King Pin Press

Remove King Pins in minutes.
Not hours.

Commercial Driveline
Service Kit

1 Combination Kit but 2 of our best selling tools for servicing heavy-duty drivelines

Why Tiger Tool

In all things we do, we strive to do them the right way.

Whether that’s the easy way or not.

Engineering & manufacturing the best Suspension and Driveline tools for over 35 years.

The One and only

The Pin & Bushing System

Service suspension pins & bushings the smart way. Effortlessly remove and install seized suspension pins & bushings while utilizing the Pin & Bushing Starter Kit and any one of the growing number of application-specific Adapters.

Combination Kits

Save time. Save money.

We’ve taken a look into the most common services Technicians perform on a regular basis and put together kits that combine some of our most popular tools. Save some cash and get the tools you need so you’re ready for your next job. 

The Tiger Tool Story

Have What It Takes

From the Technician
Worth every penny. Stops all the heartache and profanity. You Will like this tool. Be sure and thread the nuts back on a couple threads after you install tool or you will be looking for the cone locks after you use hammer.
— Tiger Tool Customer
We are a complete driveline service shop. It makes our job a lot quicker & easier.
— Jim A.
Keep making these great tools!! Sure makes truck repair safer and faster. Tools are of excellent quality! Thanks again!
— Anthony P.
I've always been able to finish the job in a professional and timely manner with Tiger Tool.
— Demetrio D.
I have been using tiger tools for about 20 years, they have never let me down, the tools do exactly what they are designed for, so I will always purchase tiger tools if needed.
— Claude M.
Love how you guys come up with solutions tools for probs mechanics have been just dealing with for years.
— Ben S.
I have been in business for 30 plus years and have use Tiger Tool products since they began business.
— Tommy P.