Why Tiger Tool

Get the job done with the right tool. And the right Company.

People identify Tiger Tool as a leader in the development of Heavy-Duty Suspension and Driveline tools, but really, this only scratches the surface of our identity.

Why Tiger Tool

Our values are driven by the spirit of passion and ingenuity that our team brings to the table every day. We are a dynamic workforce, encompassing a variety of backgrounds and experiences, working together to achieve a common goal—develop cutting-edge tools to resolve the most frustrating challenges faced by technicians.

We believe in a higher standard of quality—not only for the final product, but for the entire journey, from conception to fruition, and the complete customer experience. It starts with an idea, or an industry challenge to be resolved. Like all great innovation, “necessity is the mother of invention”. We either identify or are informed by the industry of a need that exists, and we take a unique approach toward resolving it. 

Over thirty years developing specialty tools.

We’ve established valuable relationships with technicians, fleet and service managers, and OEMs, all of whom entrust us to mitigate the challenges technicians are faced with. If there’s a problem, we can solve it. For this reason, several OEMs contact us directly should they discover a challenge servicing one of their components; there’s no one more capable or willing to resolve it.

In addition to these relationships, our team includes several mechanically inclined individuals who are sensitive to the obstacles technicians face, and they are passionate about improving their working conditions. We are a privately held specialty manufacturing company, we are not held back by fiscal budgeting restraints or annual reporting when faced with even the most unique challenges.

Once it’s been determined that a need exists, our team of Product Developers get to work through exhaustive research and various solution exploration.

Upon development of the best computer-generated design, a computer generated stress analysis is completed before a working proto-type is developed for real-world testing. Our approach to research and development, which emphasizes safety, innovation and quality, empowers our team to design tools without limiting their creativity; the end result speaks for itself. Our willingness to provide solutions for the most specialized problems has netted us a collection of unique products that you simply can’t find anywhere else—and we think that’s pretty cool. Every Tiger Tool is developed with a straight forward design that’s easy to use and capable of withstanding the toughest conditions. We won’t sacrifice quality, and we don’t limit innovation.

With an approved design in place and finalized engineering drawings in hand, our production team takes over. Located directly below our R&D, sales, marketing and accounting departments, our manufacturing department is comprised of numerous state-of-the-art CNC machines. We’ve made substantial investments in machinery and equipment to secure our sustainability, while continuing to meet our evolving production demands.

At Tiger Tool, quality extends beyond our tools and into the service we provide. Whether you prefer to shop online, over the phone, or at your local dealer, we go to great lengths to ensure our customers receive an exceptional experience. When you call us, you speak to a real person—no confusing company directories, no need to dial one, just real people eager to respond to your needs.

"We are a dedicated team of people who take a great deal of joy in meeting the needs of our Customers and improving the lives of Technicians."

Ken Jansen // President

At Tiger Tool, working relationships extend beyond departments.

We value teamwork and foster an environment of collaboration. Even beyond the point of purchase, our customers can attest to the continued support they receive. Our products are built to surpass our customers’ requirements —and if they don’t, we have your back.

We back our tools with a comprehensive warranty and strive to make this process as simple as possible. If our product doesn’t work for a specific application, tell us. If our Product Designers can make something better, they will. Our tools are designed to make technicians’ jobs easier by decreasing down-time and improving safety and productivity. 

Anytime you’re servicing heavy duty equipment, there’s an inherent risk of injury; we believe there’s a way to get the job done safer and easier, and that no technician should have to face unnecessary risks. It’s our unwillingness to compromise, and our pride of excellence that sets Tiger Tool apart. Backed by over thirty-five years of industry experience and a team of dedicated employees, Tiger Tool has come to be synonymous with a level of quality technicians rely upon. In all things we do, we strive to do them the right way—whether that’s the easy way or not.