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What the Technician community has to say

It's because of our customers that we continue to innovate, push the envelope and ensure Technicians have the right tool for the job. We take feedback seriously and embrace the thoughts and opinions of our loyal customer no mater what they may be. 

Thanks again for the great products!

Cody A.

Keep making these great tools!! Sure makes truck repair safer and faster. Tools are of excellent quality! Thanks again!

Anthony P.

Tiger Tool

It worked great and was exactly what was advertised.

Jerry R.

Thanks, I need this tool for my job. I can save some knuckles now.

Ray S.

A must have replacing anchor pins.

Dustin W.

Pressed out rusted and seized king pins on a Case 580c backhoe very well. Did not need to use heat / torch. Tool is of high grade material and Construction.

Robert K.

This tool is an extremely good tool!!!

Brad D.

Stubborn yolks have met their match.

William H.

Keep making these great tools!! Sure makes truck repair safer and faster. Tools are of excellent quality! Thanks again!

Anthony B.

I have been using tiger tools for about 20 years, they have never let me down, the tools do exactly what they are designed for, so I will always purchase tiger tools if needed.

Claude M.

Tiger Tool 

Just like the field aspect of fixing bushings with you tooling instead of taking parts from remote areas to a shop to fix with your tooling you can do it out in remote locations thanks

Shawn J.

Works good no fighting with bolt holes not lining up, and the needle bearings don't fall out from hammering on the caps either, am pursuing a second one so I can push both caps in at the same time. Very satisfied.

Tiger Tool Customer

The tool is amazing. Made my life easy removing my axle u-joint.

Danny U.

I Saw this tool being used on a online video. Until then I was doing it the hard way, Driveline in a vice beating the U joints out with a sledgehammer. Working on drivelines on a regular basis I dreaded the new series driveshafts. The SPL170 & 250 and the Meritor RPLS20 & 25. This tool is worth every penny. It makes the job so much more easier. Every chance I get I let our customers know about this tool so they too can work on driveshafts without having to beat and bang on them. I would like to express my gratitude for whoever came up with the idea for this tool thus making this part of my job so much more easier

Harry N.

Love how you guys come up with solutions tools for probs mechanics have been just dealing with for years.

Ben S.

Tiger Tool 

There's very few tools on the market, when tasked in removing seized U-JOINT caps from differential yokes. I've worked on Class 8 trucks for 21yrs. I've always beaten the caps out with a sledgehammer to which is a Major Safety Concern and if Distracted could damage the drive-line component itself. With the purchase of this Tiger Tool Item No: 10102, will reduce the Safety Liabilities, Reduce possible damage to drive-line components, and Increase productivity.

Edward W.

I've used Tiger Tools u-joint pullers in the past and they are the only ones I will use. Every other brand either breaks or doesn't get the job done.

Collin P.

Log truck came in for an alignment. Found the spring pins/hangers worn. Forever I used to heat/beat and cut those bushings out. But now use a @tiger_tool setup to pull and push bushings. Wish they had these around 10-15 years ago!!


Worth every penny. Stops all the heartache and profanity. You Will like this tool. Be sure and thread the nuts back on a couple threads after you install tool or you will be looking for the cone locks after you use hammer.

Tiger Tool Customer

Worked first time, removing all 6.

Anthony B.

Availability was awesome, beats the heck out of a cutting torch.

Dale C.

Works great. Easy to use.

Tiger Tool Customer

The Tiger Tool U-Joint puller is a time saver.

Patrick N.

Great quality tool!!

Miguel D.

I've always been able to finish the job in a professional and timely manner with Tiger Tool.

Demetrio D.

Tiger Tool

I've always been able to finish the job in a professional and timely manner with Tiger Tools

Demetrio D.

This tool was well designed and thought out. It has a spring in it that causes it to hang on to the clevis pin till you get ready to put pressure on it, no trying to operate two devices at once, it'll just hang there till you're ready. It has saved me from having to cut off several clevises.


Used this tool for the first time today. Very well built, had to use a 1" impact on it. But no heat, and no 20 lb sledge! Worth every penny big time saver. First time set up took a bit but nothing difficult.

Ja T.

9 times, out of 10, this make my productivity go through the roof. Does what it says, and I'm very, very happy with my purchase.

Ja T.

it works great on stubborn pins. I had a tough time getting a rusty seized pin out. this thing pushed it out with my impact.

Shauny B.

This has proven to be one of the best purchases we have ever made for commercial applications

Tyler K.

Is the best tool to pull class 8 truck yokes. Has all the bolts and caps to do most applications.


Makes my life easier.

Patrick N.

Definitely comes in handy when you have a seized hub.

Big T

One of our techs has the complete set. We finally chose to purchase one as we do a lot of heavy duty u-joints on trucks and equipment. The quality and durability is absolutely impeccable!!!

Scott W.

Bought this cause I started working at a different shop and they didn't use never seize on anchor every time I did a brake job I had to break out the shop press tool, which was too bulky for getting past steer hubs. So we would spend way too long trying to get old pins out with torches and hammering...used this tool the first time last week on a steer axle brake job. Played for itself that one job, the flare on the edge where you your square drive into was still tight on the hub but it still worked great.

Nick G.

I love Tiger Tool products!! I’ve purchased the 15000 Starter Kit with the Enerpac pump box and Freightliner Airliner rear bushing adapters. Also the Hendrickson Trailer Narrow and Wide bushing adapter kits. Tie rod removers as well!!! I’ve had this kit since 2017 and had nothing but success with these products!! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to get the job done Right and fast!

David M.

We are a complete driveline service shop. It makes our job a lot quicker & easier.

Jim A.

This tool was purchased to be used in a OEM truck dealership. Over the years we have purchased less expensive yoke pullers in which we have had to replace due to poor quality.

Randy C.

Works good. Just need a big hammer. It's worth the money for the time it saves.

Dale C.

Absolutely amazing tool! I'm an automotive tech by trade, so I buy a LOT of tools. My personal F350 needed the front axle shaft u-joints replaced. Dana 60 axle shaft joints, especially after 25 years of time to rust in place and seize up are notoriously difficult and usually either laugh in the face of even large shop presses. Or, they'll send whatever setup you use to press them flying across the shop/into your face/into the neighbor's yard without budging. This tool though, this thing allowed me to remove a badly stuck, rusted in joint in under a minute with ZERO damage to the shafts or myself. Unlike lower end puller/pressing tools, the forcing screw on the Tiger Tool is fine threaded and very hard, no galling or shedding threads in sight even after winding it up as tight as a 1/2" Snap On Cordless impact would twist it. I'm almost looking forward to do doing the other u-joint with this thing in my arsenal!

Justin K.

Great Products For Every Application.

Joe S.

This tool works great for removing u-joints.

John U.

This is the only way to disassemble heavy duty driveline! Thank you for making such an amazing tool!

Brad H.

This works exactly as described. setting up the first axle took less than 5 minutes and the second went twice as fast. I spent 6 hours on 2 axles without this tool, spent less than 30 pulling 2 after I had it... well worth the investment.

Tiger Tool Customer

This is the best and easiest H.D. U-Joint tool I have ever seen and used. It just does not get any better than this! 

Michael C.

Easier, faster and safer way to pull axles, really helpful tool!

Henry V.

I have had the OTC version of this tool and it didn’t have the warranty that that the tiger tool provides. And the quality was no where near the same, but so far the tool hasn’t let me down and the quality is out standing.

Jacob B.

Great tool! Nothing beats this tool when it comes to u joints, I wish I had found this 20 years ago. I highly recommend this tool!

Dave S.

Love the products. They're awesome.

Scott P.

This tool has made removing old brake anchor pins much easier to remove. I recommend to anyone who works on big trailers to purchase this tool.

Bowen R.

Thanks, I need this tool for my job. I can save some knuckles now.

Ray S.

Saves time and simplifies the job well worth the price. No more driving out kingpins with a hammer. If you do kingpin work, this is the tool for you! 

Jerry V.

I have been in business for 30 plus years and have use Tiger Tool products since they began business.

Tommy P.

Tiger Tool 

Best investment I have made, I now own 4 different Tiger Tools, Thank you for the awesome workmanship and quality, plus the ease of doing my job.

Eric G.

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